Visual Arts: Make it Look Real (6th - 12th grades)

Week 5 (7/20 - 7/24)

How to draw cats / dogs It is important to remember that animals have their own anatomy and understanding their structure will greatly ease their drawing process. We'll be starting with a simplified skeleton, made from basic shapes and forms. Then we'll go over the rendering process and build up detail. We'll also be drawing stylized and cuter versions of these animals for fun!

Lighting Techniques Of the fundamentals, lighting is an exquisite one to spend time on. Light can be an impactful feeling, it can act as a focal point or even suggest something in a narrative. We'll be approaching basics forms and then applying different lighting setups for faces. Once we become aware of light, we'll always remember to include it in our works.

How to draw hands & Feet Our hands and feet are complicated, organic and beautiful! Many artist often find themselves in situations of needing them in paintings, character designs or comics. We'll be doing an easy breakdown of drawing them. Once understood, you'll find that our hands and feet can be fairly fun to draw.

How to draw a face (male / female) Today, we'll be going over the proportions of the face; ensuring your character's eyes, nose, mouth and ears are always placed correctly. Hopefully by the end of this tutorial, the face's proportions will make much more sense and seem far more approachable.

Instructor: Nicholas Carro, CCSA Visual Arts & Communication Arts Alumni (2013)

$ 300.00

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