Visual Arts: Hands On (6th - 12th grades)

Week 2 (7/1 - 7/5) (no camp Thursday 7/4) 

  • Day 1: Polymer Clay Pendants Students will learn to sculpt, bake, paint, and glaze polymer clay pendants and/or sculptures. This introduction to micro sculpting prepares students for the advanced techniques they may learn some day in a ceramics studio. Students will learn how polymer clay can be incorporated into costuming and fine art works.
  • Day 2: Watercolor & Ink Students will combine watercolor techniques overlapped with ink illustration to create visually arresting images and patterns that are display ready. Students will be introduced to different watercolor styles, brushes, easels, as well as ink pens that work well with watercolor.
  • Day 3: Pocket Zine CreationEach student will create a series of pocket-sized zines (short for magazine) which combines illustration, written passages, and appropriated images and text to create a published work using a photocopier. This guerilla style of publishing allows the students to focus on a central thought and put forth a powerful idea, movement, or theory in a visual and intellectual way using art and words together. Each student will produce multiple 8-page zines to be printed in small quantities to take home and/or distribute.

    $ 70.00

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