Veterinary Care - 201 (6th - 12th grades)

Week 4 (7/17 - 7/21) This camp is now SOLD OUT, thank you! We suggest you check out the following camps:

Marine Biology: Discover an Underwater World (5th - 8th)

Veterinary Care 301 (6th - 12th)

Cold-Blooded Creatures (6th - 12th)

Campers will focus on animals from before birth  to adulthood and practice care during their life emergencies including injections and drawing blood.  we will plan to witness the hatching of ducks and quails and continue to care for them through the week. Also, tadpoles/frogs will be observed in different stages and released back into the wild if ready by the end of camp. We will have a visit from  Barn Hill preserve to present their animal ambassadors, including several marsupials.  Several animals will also be visiting throughout the week. 

Instructor: Katrina Pusey

$ 256.50

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