Recording Studio Sound Engineers

Week 1 (6/18 - 6/22)

Join us in our newly updated Recording Studio! Beginning to end. You will be introduced to Protools, microphone basics, signal path etc. Students will need to work with musicians (and or themselves) and agree on a cover song to record. We will also be listening to some previously recorded sessions and breaking down the anatomy of a produced, recorded song. We will record basics for the song that class comes up with. Includes drums, bass, guitars, keys. I will demonstrate and cover the micing techniques for each instrument and record the performances. More to be covered:

  • Overdubing sessions including recording techniques for both auxiliary instruments and vocals.
  • Editing class, making comps of all the performances, preparing the instruments for the mixing stage, last minute overdubs if needed. Begin mixing - setting up mix architecture, finish lesson with a first pass of the mix.
  • Final mixing and Mastering, explaining how to prepare tracks for mastering, the importance and reasons for mastering, Master and complete the song.

Instructor: Ron DiSilvestre

$ 300.00

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