Photoshop Pods (6th - 12th grades)

Week 2 (7/1 - 7/5) (no camp Thursday 7/4) 

  • Day 1: Photoshop Basics This is an introduction to Photoshop that will explore the beginner basics This will include how to upload, open and save a camera file in Photoshop. It will include cropping, adjusting exposure and color. An exploration of the menu and tool bar and other options and an introduction to layers. Campers will have ample opportunity to experiment with images they create in the morning
  • Day 2: Layers and Masks This camp will introduce the Layer menu and Layer modes. There will be plenty of hands on review and practice on how to use adjustment layers to edit images the camper created at the beginning of the day. How to use a layer mask will be demonstrated.  
  • Day 3: Filters and Type This camp will cover how to use artistic filters to create painterly effects in Photoshop. Masking will be further reviewed and used in tandem with the filters.     The use of type tool will be covered.  Student will be able to incorporate text such as their names or short poems.    
  • Day 4: Portfolio refinement/Photoshop guidance on demand This camp will enable campers who would like to work on their personal portfolios or a self- directed photoshop project under the guidance of the camp teacher. Opportunities for a brief photo shoot and sharing of ideas and goals will be discussed in the morning.   Experimenting and having fun being creative will be encouraged.


$ 70.00

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