Hip Hop Fusion ( 6th - 12th grades)

Hip Hop Fusion ( 6th - 12th grades)

$ 300.00

Week 4 (7/10 - 7/14)

 Hip Hop Fusion is a dynamic type of dance, originating from funk and street dance and evolving as part of the hip hop culture.  In this camp, dancers are encouraged to engage in freestyle movements to help build their personal style and confidence. The class will focus on different stylized techniques, rhythm, and isolations. Hip hop incorporates many art forms:  graffiti art, music, rap, and dance and each component of Hip Hop will be incorporated into the camp.  Students will engage in learning choreography from old school, new school, east and west coast hip hop and learn about the legends in the field.  

 Instructor: Luis Mulero . His dance career started in Cab Calloway School of performing Arts as a music major as a violinist. Falling in love with dance styles like Modern, hip hop and Ballet, Luis attended Wilmington Ballet and performed in nutcrackers, playing multiple roles, led workshops and spread ballet to the tri state area.

Upon graduating high school Luis has been a part of Hispanic traditional and contemporary dance organizations where he choreographed and performed salsa, merengue and bachata dance.

Luis is currently working on building a Hispanic traditional dance company to further spread cultural awareness and influence the Latin America diaspora.