High Seas Adventure (3rd – 5th grades)

High Seas Adventure (3rd – 5th grades)

$ 325.00

Week 2  (6/27 - 7/1)

Ahoy, Mateys!  Come aboard and walk the deck as you learn what it means to sail the high seas.  During your adventure, you’ll tour the Kalmar Nyckel, the Tall Ship of Delaware, and Battleship New Jersey, America’s most decorated battleship.   

First, you’ll come aboard the Kalmar Nyckel and imagine crossing the oceans in this wooden ship while you learn the history of its journeys and Delaware’s riverfront shipyards.  From launch to arrival, you’ll explore the principles of buoyancy and the points and angles of sail.  Celestial navigation and dead reckoning are just some of the concepts we will learn as we delve into mathematics and engineering through the eyes of a sailor.  Within a game-like structure, campers will learn how to apply important economic concepts and choose the people with the necessary skills to bring the supplies and trade goods that allow them to establish a new colony in the Delaware Valley. 

Then, we’ll start our next unforgettable experience on USS New Jersey, America’s most decorated battleship.  This ship is a maze.  Will you be able to find your way out?  To escape the boat, you’ll need to learn how to read blueprints of the ship to figure out your location on board.  You will also learn how to make homemade batteries, create circuits, and experiment with electricity, watching how electricity can make a ship waste away in front of your eyes.