Code to Code (Grades 6th - 8th)

Week 5 (7/23 - 7/27) 

Nowadays, when asked about the word “code”, most people would associate the word with computers, programming, and technology.  However, historically, “code” meant cryptography or the practice of secure communication and was used mostly by governments and armies to protect classified information.  This camp explores the evolution of this word over a couple millennia.  Students will learn cryptography techniques such as alphabet shift cyphers, which were used almost 2,000 years ago by Julius Caesar, as well as some concepts of computer programming in the language Java.  The camp will show the children how each definition of code has influenced the other such as encryption which combines cryptology with cybersecurity.  To assist the students’ learning, the camp will also challenge the students with fun, interesting, and cooperative exercises such as deciphering code or writing a computer program to solve a problem.  

Instructor: CSW Alumni Christopher Bouchard

$ 280.00

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