ImagiNation Stations: The Unconventional Camp  (1st - 5th Grades)

ImagiNation Stations: The Unconventional Camp (1st - 5th Grades)

$ 216.00

Week 3 (7/5- 7/8) This camp is now sold out! THANK YOU!

Each day’s activities will be inspired by a particular theme, all brought together on the last day.

  • Day 1: Gold Rush Camp Howdy, pardners!  Are you ready to return to the Wild West for a hootin’ good time?  This is a fun day of mining for jewels, catching bandits, and creating Western-inspired art.
  • Day 2: Build It! Camp Come build a box city with us!  Using cardboard, sheets, duct tape, paper towel rolls, and other supplies, work with other campers to build a city.  You’ll need to decide where to put the schools, homes, hospital, stores, and more. Campers also build Lego habitats and repurpose recyclable materials to create art.
  • Day 3: Sketch It! DayLearn how to draw cartoon faces, bodies, and legs using a step-by-step process (no prior artistic experience needed!).  You will also participate in a short-film cartoon festival, voting for your favorites. Finally, you’ll learn how to draw unique settings and characters and turn a story line into a flip book.    
  • Day 4: Wizards, Warriors, and Magicians Camp Come learn the art of magic and illusion, using your imagination and science to make objects move, to create potions, and to trick the eye.  Campers must also use their wits to solve riddles and find objects in order to storm the castle to save the day.