Mind Blowing Experiments Camp  (3rd - 5th)

Mind Blowing Experiments Camp (3rd - 5th)

$ 218.70

Week 1  (6/20-6/23) No Camp on Monday due to Juneteenth Holiday This Camp is Now Sold Out! Thank you!

Do you want to make a stick character levitate or figure out the best strategy for escaping quicksand (in a cornstarch simulation)?  Perhaps you are interested in growing crystal snowflakes, layering liquids in a jar, or playing catch with a catapult that you design.  This camp explores your inner scientist.  You’ll build a solar power oven that makes S’mores, create a convection current, and filter safe drinking water (in case you are ever stranded in the ocean or in the woods).

Instructor: Christine Lim - Currently teach Art K-5 at Richey Elementary, has previously taught in general education classrooms for 4th and 5th grade for 15 years. I have a B.F.A in sculpture from School of Visual Arts, with an Art History minor, and a M.Ed from Wilmington University. 

Additionally, Christine coached winning teams in several Science Olympiad competitions both in elementary and middle school, judged in Odyssey of the Mind competitions, coached multiple after-school STEM and yearbook clubs. She has also completed professional development at the UD's Graduate School of Education for their introduction to computer coding and robotics.