Veterinary Care - 201 (6th - 12th grades)

Veterinary Care - 201 (6th - 12th grades)

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Week 5 (7/18 - 7/22) This camp is now sold out. THANK YOU!

Campers will focus on animals from before birth to adulthood and practice care during their life emergencies including injections and drawing blood. We will PLAN to witness the hatching of ducks or quails and continue to care for them through the week (depending on when/if they hatch). We will discover the heart and blood flow, explore the formation of bones and the vertebrae, as well as creating models to represent each structure. To explore anatomy further, we will dissect pigs in groups to better understand the inner workings. An episode of Dr. Pol will be shown to experience what’s real vet would experience. Barn Hill preserve will be visiting to present their animal ambassadors, including several marsupials. Several animals will also be visiting throughout the week to learn about them and handle them.

Due to some graphic experiences, we are limiting the program to 6th grade and up.

Instructor: Katrina Fontinha-Pusey, Animal Sciences, Conrad Schools of Science