Bollywood Dance (3rd - 5th grades)
Bollywood Dance (3rd - 5th grades)

Bollywood Dance (3rd - 5th grades)

$ 300.00

Week 2 (6/26 - 6/30)

(Jhankaar) Dancing, painting, henna tattoos, movies, and games.

 Mornings start with 10 minute yoga dance movement followed by a complete dance routine in the original Bollywood folkloric dance styles of India, either Bhangra, a high energy North Indian folk style dance from Punjab, or Dandia, a dance with sticks, a folk dance from the province of Gujarat. 

Other fun and interesting parts of the morning class will include Rangoli, an Indian art form creating paisley and other patterned designs with rice, lentils, pasta, all purpose flour, etc.  

Henna, commonly known as “tattoo designs” will be taught in an authentic Indian style. 

Afternoons will include Bollywood dance: A 2 hour intensive Bollywood dance class and Bollywood fusion/salsa and western mix.  Bollywood Entertainment, Indian TV or an Indian movie that will give kids an idea of what Bollywood really is, of course with sub- titles.

Sample Schedule:

9 – 9.15 – Stretch

9.15 – 9.30 – Bollyfitness – High energy cardio work out set to Bollywood music

9.35 – 10.35 intro to indian dance styles -history, mudras(hand gesture), expressions, techniques. Each of the 4 days will introduce child to a style of dance. Classical – North vs South style, Folk dances like - Bhangra a high energy folk dance from north, Dandya/Garba – the stick dance from West, Kuthu energetic street dance from south of India

10.40 – 11.50 – Indian  art – henna, Rangoli, block print/scarf decorating

11.50 – 12 = Clean up

12 – 1 Break

1-3p – 2 hour of intensive Bollywood dance with hydration breaks and Bollywood entertainment/videos that will train kids for a piece to be performed on Friday at showcase.

Instructor: Priya Raman began her Indian classical dance training at a very young age of 3 and successfully completed and had her graduation recital at 14. She then worked with various award winning teachers in the line and enhanced her skills in classical dance style. She has been performing in various National and local televisions, stage and cultural programs in India and for the last 25 years in the US. 

Instructor: Zack Jarrell began his dancing debut with Dance Jhankaar at 3 working with Ms. Nisha Punjabi. He has been the primary dancer with Jhankaar for the last 5 years. He is trained in Bollywood, hip hop and basics of Latin dance styles. He is currently one of the Bollywood coaches for Dance Jhankaar and Choreographer. He also works as a DJ in mixing music for Dance Jhankaar competition and performance pieces.