*COVID-19 Information!

Dear SMArtSummer Families,

We know you have many questions about our program during this pandemic. We hope we have answered most, if not all of them, here. If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact us at info@cabsummer.org.

In addition, all staff and families will be required to sign our COVID Waiver prior to camp.

Is it safe to attend camps in person? 

  • Strict adherence to all Delaware Division of Public Health guidelines for the operation of camps does not guarantee a risk-free environment. All students and staff are at risk for being exposed to coronavirus and contracting COVID-19.
  • SMArtSummer is following strict guidelines put forth by the CDC, the Delaware Division of Public Health, and the Red Clay Consolidated School District. We will follow the same protocols put in place during the school year.

What health screening precautions are taking place to ensure health and safety? 

  • All staff, students and volunteers are required to complete COVID-19 Self-Screener every day prior to their arrival at camp. All families will be emailed the self-check after registration. If any individual does not pass the screening, entry to camp will be denied. 
  • 90% of our staff are teachers that have been working within the guidelines for most of the school year. Believe me, they’ve got this down to a science!

Who is required to wear a mask (cloth face covering)? 

  • No one is required to wear a mask at this time!
  • What COVID specific training has staff and volunteers been given? 
  • Staff and volunteers have been trained on the proper use of PPE, timelines and procedures for cleaning and disinfecting, guidelines and requirements for the use of face coverings, how to maintain social distancing, and effective strategies to reduce the spread of COVID.  

 How will students, staff and volunteers be grouped? 

  • Students, staff and volunteers will be in groups of 15 or less.
  • Class and camp activities will be modified to ensure proper social distancing when necessary. Less students will be in groups, and games and activities will be modified to take place in a larger area with more space between participants when necessary. 

How will you clean and disinfect items? 

  • Staff will be responsible for cleaning frequently touched surfaces throughout the day. At a minimum, equipment and supplies will be cleaned and disinfected between groups and at the end of the session. All products are EPA certified. The building itself will be cleaned by the school custodians every night after everyone leaves.

What if there is a confirmed positive COVID case among staff, volunteers or students?

  • We will contact the Delaware Division of Public Health within one business day of learning of the illness to discuss our next steps and cleaning/disinfecting guidance specific to our facility. 
  • If a staff member, volunteer, student or household member of a staff member, volunteer or student has a COVID-19 positive test, we will notify the Division of Public Health and follow their guidance for closure, cleaning/disinfecting and notification of families. 
  • Families, staff and volunteers are required to notify SMArtSummer immediately of any COVID-19 positive case in their household while camp is open, or within 2 days after camp ends. 

How will a sick child be taken care of until a parent/guardian arrives to pick them up? 

  • If a child presents with a fever, cough, or other COVID-19 symptoms, our on-staff nurse will separate them from the other campers until the parent/guardian arrives.
  • There will be a lower threshold for sending students home for relatively mild symptoms like persistent coughing or sneezing. While these may be allergy induced, coughing and sneezing can be infectious and even a mild illness or allergies may result in the need for a doctor’s note to return to class or camp. 

What should we be doing, as parents/guardians, to properly prepare our children for class or camp? 

  • Please preform the self-check every morning before you come to camp
  • Talk to your children about the importance of frequent hand washing, and proper health etiquette, such as covering coughs and sneezes in their elbow. 


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